What Am I Listening To? (Podcast Edition)

I figured I’d start pumping out some non-Baseball posts, since baseball season is dead in Minnesota – heck, it may be done in the Midwest if the Cubs lose tonight. When I am not discussing baseball (or recounting the games I attended), I tend to focus on mental health, music, and the odd post about some statistical analysis I did about baseball(s). Rather than giving away my yearly “Best of (Year)” music list, how about a look, errr LISTEN, at what podcasts I ingest?


Hockey Feels
Do you like hockey? Are you interested in this sport but worried your background may not be the convention path to uber-fandom? No worries, Hockey Feels has you covered. This podcast is a great hockey show for everyone – from “never played the game and don’t know the rules” to “played my entire life and nearly went pro”. As a coach of a hockey team that is part of a league that has a motto “Hockey Is For Everyone,” this show fits that creed perfectly.

At The Gates
Shameless self-promotion. I’ll admit that it is awkward to listen to myself, so I may turn the speed to half or 1.5x in order to make it sound funnier than it probably is. Expect bigger and better things next year. I’m still trying to find out what it is I want to do – think of the episode where Jared and I discuss robots in sports, this is a good foundation.

Mental Health:

The Hilarious World of Depression
I love this show. The candid look at mental health through the eyes of comedians (and other well-known folks) is great. The ability to laugh at something in order to have it not take control over you (and take yourself less seriously) is so very important. Also, listen to the July 31st episode.

The Mental Health Happy Hour
I just subscribed to this TODAY. I listened to the Maria Bamford episode on YouTube and then looked on iTunes only to see a killer lineup of topics and guests. I’m excited to hear from a couple NHLers and their battles, a few comedians (who also gave their stories to The Hilarious World of Depression), and the newer episode called “Intrusive Thoughts aka ‘Pure OCD'”.


Ear Biscuits
I’ve been fully captivated by Rhett and Link for about a year now (maybe more?). I love Good Mythical Morning (and GMMore, This Is Mythical, etc.), their book is amazing, and the newly revived Ear Biscuits is also fantastic. To listen to two friends have random conversations or two great hosts ask deep and intelligent questions to a variety of guests, Rhett and Link do it all on this show.

How To Be Amazing
I like Michael Ian Black the comedian, I enjoy him as Michael Ian Black the actor, and have even laughed and cried at the hands of Michael Ian Black the writer. But as a podcaster his blend of maturity and wit is on full display. His guests are accomplished in a wide spectrum of professions and on this show they spill their secrets (more like reveal their passion for the thing they genuinely love doing).

Radio Free Skaro
Do you like Doctor Who? Do you REALLY want to dive deep into the world of Whovian fandom and do you want Adric’s star-badge of mathematical excellence for your knowledge of the show? If so, listen to these severely Canadian blokes discuss the intricacies of the longest running sci-fi series in history. Pedantry is both celebrated and chastised… tread carefully my companion.

Mike And Tom Eat Snacks (RIP?)
This last podcast is possibly a dead podcast, but the comedic gold it captures is worth the visit. I was a huge fan of “Ed” (the TV show on NBC about the bowling alley lawyer) and hearing Michael Ian Black and Tom Cavanagh discuss and rate snacks is pure laughs. The absurdity often overshadows the snacks themselves… and it’s perfection. Can we start a petition to bring back MATES? #MATES4Lyfe? #LetsMATESAgain?


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