2018 Road Trip Update…

It has come to my attention that if I string together a few of my trips I may be able to drastically cut down on travel time and miles. I like this idea.


I like this idea so much that I have planned a massive road trip. It is purely theoretical at this point, but my love for this idea is pushing me to make it happen more and more.

Here’s the run down. Do you remember the last post? Remember my plans for the “2018 and beyond” trips? A few of the trips looked something like this (miles included for the round trip total)…

  • Kauffman Stadium and Globe Life Park (1,986 miles)
  • Marlins Park (3,546 miles)
  • Progressive Field, Comerica Park, and Rogers Centre (2,097 miles)

That’s a grand total of 7,629 miles to travel. Still less than I traveled last year (12,709.6 via automobile), but after the grueling marathon of 2017, I’m ready to finish of my quest in a smart and efficient approach.


  • Kauffman Stadium – Friday, August 31 (Baltimore Orioles)
  • Globe Life Park – Saturday, September 1 (Minnesota Twins)
  • Marlins Park – Monday, September 3 (Philadelphia Phillies)
  • Progressive Field – Wednesday, September 5 (Kansas City Royals)
  • Rogers Centre – Thursday, September 6 (Cleveland Baseball Club)
  • Comerica Park – Friday, September 7 (St. Louis Cardinals)

That’s “only” 4,797 miles!

By planning a Franken-trip, I was able to cut the total miles down to 62.88% of the original plan (2,832 miles saved). That mileage saved is nearly 80% of the Miami round trip total. The difference between the Miami trip and the mileage saved on this trip (714 miles) is similar to the distance it takes for a round trip to Miller Park… so in essence, I get to visit Miami in the distance it takes to travel to Milwaukee.

Does all that make sense? If not, just know this: My massive road trip will save me many miles and hours on the road. And it will also allow me to cross off 4 states from my list of “haven’t been to” – Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and North Carolina – while also putting me only 3 parks away from catching balls at all 30 franchises’ stadiums.

Here’s the map:

2018 Massive Road Trip

Now who’s coming with me?


2 thoughts on “2018 Road Trip Update…

  1. Dang. If this was during the summer then I could maybe do a leg of it. However, you would be driving right past me on September 4th, so if you can afford an hour detour… Or I could catch the NC to Progessive Field leg and then fly back?

    • I tried making it work earlier, but those schedules didn’t line up. STUPID MLB!
      I’ll be traveling with Evie, but if you’re cool with that, I’ll try my best to stop in (and maybe drag you to Cleveland).

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