Fiesta de Halcónes de las Pelotas 2018 (Ballhawk Fest 2018… You’re Cordially Invited)

Call me crazy. Call this idea radical. Whatever. It doesn’t matter. But no matter the backing, there WILL be a celebration of BASEBALL in Minneapolis this year.

Whether you are a fan of the Twins, Major League Baseball, the baseball itself, a ballhawk, a lover of athletic stadiums, a road trip enthusiast, or just generally curious, YOU ARE INVITED!


As for the details, you can either read them above, or if the jpeg doesn’t load for you, view the text below.


  • You. Yes, you!


  • Ballhawk Fest… with a twist! More like Celebration of Baseball.


  • Saturday, August 25th (2018)
  • Festivities start at Noon and last through the evening with a post-game pizza party
    • Noon – 2:30 pm – Softball
    • 3 pm – 4 pm – Podcast recording (At The Gates – at gate 34)
    • 4 pm – Gates open
    • 6:10 pm – Game begins
    • 10 pm or whenever the game ends – Pizza


  • Pre-Game: Harrison Park (less than 2 miles west of Target Field)
  • Game: Target Field
  • Post-Game: Pizza Lucé


  • Because you love baseball and/or the folks at Target Field.
  • Because you want an entire day of baseball fun.
  • Because you might just want to be with fellow baseball crazies (who can share how to snag a ball at the game later).


  • Bring your glove – for the softball game and Twins game.
  • Buy a ticket – for the Twins game.
  • Attend as many/as little of the festivities as you want. (Softball/podcast/Twins game/pizza… pick one or pick them all!)
  • RSVP with me in the comments below or by sending me a Tweet/DM on Twitter (@TonyV433).
  • Bring a lunch or order from many local restaurants online using BiteSquad. Bring some cash to go in on a pizza with friends, or just chill with us and have a free water after the game.
  • TELL YOUR FRIENDS! The more people, the better the teams. There are multiple fields, too, so if it gets too big, we can spill over into multiple games.
  • If you talk about it or post it, please use the following hashtag: #FiestaDelBeisbolMPLS2018

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