Take Me Out To THIS Ballgame…

I dream of seeing something special when I go to the ballpark. I’ve witnessed some amazing feats, some horrendous blunders, and a few things that leave me baffled or even depressed. But there are a handful of things I long to see that I haven’t yet…

In order of most-desired, here it goes:

  1. A no-hitter (or perfect game). There still hasn’t been one pitched at Target Field, but you can bet that I’d try to be there for it. Heck, I even got in the car once when Francisco Liriano had one going late in the game, only to have him lose it before I got out of my town – saving me time and money.
  2. Two games worth in one game (18+ innings). I love extra innings… depending on the circumstances. Sometimes they can be annoying – due to work the next day, or being on the road, or having other responsibilities like allowing a dog to pee. But watching 2 games count as one would be insane!
  3. A cycle. I think I’ve seen some guys come close, but I haven’t witnessed one in person. There also has not been a cycle hit at Target Field. So maybe I can get lucky and see one or both of these things happen for the first time.
  4. A World Series game. I could make this happen. World Series games are predictable and tickets are available (for prices starting at one limb, all the way to being called “Mat”), but I’d like to make it a special first memory. To see the Twins in my first World Series game would be the sweetest – especially at Target Field. But I also won’t be picky if I really want to cross this off the list any time soon.
  5. A double-header. These are almost NEVER scheduled, but weather makes these a possibility a few times a year, if you are in the right spot. I don’t think the Twins could afford to do a single-admission for both games, but the dream would definitely be a single-admission style double-header somewhere.

Any other things you think I missed? I didn’t add a 4 home run game on there because of just how rare they are, much like how I lumped “perfect game” under the no-hitter umbrella. I’d love to see a triple play, but I don’t know that it would beat out the other five. It’s so quick, takes luck, and the rarity makes it tough to pin down. Plus, triple plays can be caused by such poor play and have a wide range of how one is turned. If I had to be picky, a 5-4-3 triple play would be the one I’d want to see most. An unassisted one would be wild, too.

One thought on “Take Me Out To THIS Ballgame…

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