Ballhawk of the Year 2018? Evelyn Nibbler Voda… hopefully.

Though she hasn’t recorded a ball yet, I think it is entirely possible that Evelyn Nibbler Voda could conceivably get the Ballhawk of the Year award. It is my goal to get her on the board before the end of the year. This would make her the only dog to ever record a baseball snagged on For this, I believe that she deserves the title.


So why vote for Evelyn/Evie?

  1. You believe her unique record is impressive and worthy of praise.
  2. Humans are not worthy of dogs, and yet they are our best companions. They deserve praise.
  3. You just want to see the world burn. Wouldn’t this small form of anarchy be kind of fun? Admit it, you like challenging the establishment and like to create chaos. Voting for a dog to win the award would really put things in perspective. This is just a hobby and doesn’t need to be taken incredibly seriously. Plus, good doggo is good.

I’ll likely remind folks when the day comes that she snags her first ball, that Evelyn is officially registered on and would appreciate the vote. I’ll post more updates and a final campaign push should we be able to complete this goal.

Until then, enjoy this video and subscribe to the channel. We’ll be posting all of her adventures there. And maybe she’ll make a campaign video… and a thank you (maybe acceptance) speech.

Yep, this REALLY is happening. Move over Zack, there’s a new top dog in town!

PS: Since she’s part lab, I guess all of her balls will be snagged using a retriever. #DadJoke


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