Evelyn, The Ballhawk… Or BallDog? – Evie Ball 1 (April 10, 2018)

The third time is the charm.


Evelyn was lucky enough to get her paws, well, actually her mouth, on a baseball yesterday. It was pretty awesome. I’m still amazed and overly-proud. The joy she had on her face when she realized it was hers and that she could play with it… priceless.

The best news of all was that it was hit directly to us, not a toss-up or given to us by a stadium worker. It was Logan Morrison who crushed one during BP at 4:45 and it hopped right tot he gate, between the metal bars, into my glove (which did not gain full possession), and knocked down directly to Evelyn.

The whole experience was captured again on camera. I even captured the first moment of her picking up the ball. I wish I would have got it bouncing to us, but the adrenaline was rushing and I was focused on trying to make sure it didn’t carom back into the hands of a worker (who wouldn’t give it to Evie).

So watch our adventure, won’t you? (And maybe subscribe. YouTube’s new rules for monetization are kinda crappy, and I’d need 1,000 subscribers before ever being able to make a few pennies on the off chance people view these videos.)

Thanks for watching and reading about our adventures. If there are any other video ideas you’d like to see, let me know. I’m trying to make one for each game I attend this year. And you better believe that the fest in Minneapolis will get a nice big video, too.


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