The Ocean Looks Like A Thousand Diamonds Strewn Across A Blue Blanket… And In This Moment I Am Happy – Balls 880-887 (May 7, 2018)

Washington Nationals 8 – San Diego Padres 5

Petco Park – San Diego, CA

May 7, 2018


After a rather cool experience at Dodger Stadium the day before (a tour which I will talk about in the next blog post), Jared and I headed down the coast to San Diego. To say the view was beautiful would be a gross understatement.

The drive itself was pretty easy – none of the nightmare-ish LA traffic you hear about – and it only took a little over two hours to get from hotel to our first stop, Plant Power Fast Food.

For more about this adventure, watch the video below…

So that was San Diego! Petco Park was pleasant, but I had this feeling that it was prettier in photos and on TV than in real life. I think that atmosphere that was shown in the All-Star Game really painted it to be something grander than what it ended up being in real life. By no means is it a bad stadium, or one that is below average in any way. But I think it just lacked that spark of uniqueness that transforms a good baseball stadium into an iconic one.

At any rate, here is the detailed ball log of the eight balls I went home with. For those new to the run-down, I only count the ones I keep, not the ones I give away. That’s a personal preference and one that fits me best.


Ball 1: Glenn Hoffman

Ball 2: Unknown National

Ball 3: Wander Suero

Ball 4: Henry Blanco

Ball 5: Sean Doolittle

Ball 6: Unknown Nationals Coach

Ball 7: Tim Bogar (during the game… not a game ball)

Ball 8: Brian Gorman (umpire ball!)

And that’s that. Game #1 in the books. Day #2 of the trip was a success and San Diego was a great host. It was a blast catching up with Zack (and Brandon) again. We’ll meet once more on this West Coast Trip (in Anaheim), but I also hope for a few more run-ins in the near future. I forgot how much of a good time he can be.

If you want to watch what happened on the first day of the trip, I’d suggest watching this next video. It is a great precursor for the upcoming blog post (Dodger Stadium). I’ll give you a fairly detailed look at the Clubhouse Tour and all the behind the scenes stuff I can and leave the Lexus Dugout Club for the main event in the next post.

Lastly, here is the song that is referenced in the title. I couldn’t help but think of Incubus, especially Morning View, when we traveled the coast from LA to San Diego. If I had more time I’d definitely take the Pacific Coast Highway from the border of Mexico all the way to the San Francisco Bay. That might be the post-ballhawking/baseball trip that makes me revisit this area.

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