So Glad To Meet You, Angeles – Balls 888-899 (May 8, 2018)

Arizona Diamondbacks 8 – Los Angeles Dodgers 5

Dodger Stadium – Los Angeles, CA

May 8, 2018


Let’s rewind the tape and start two days prior – the day we landed in LAX – and our first experience on our whirlwind baseball tour…


The Clubhouse Tour was a dream come true for Jared. He has had tight pants whenever he thinks about Dodger Stadium for the past month or so. The dude couldn’t get enough time with the place (we scheduled two tours, a game, and he even wanted to cancel Denver to extend more Dodger experiences).

But enough of the past, let’s experience this game (and the rest of the day’s adventure) in the video below…

Yep, we lived like kings and had the best seats in the house – and maybe in Major League Baseball – in the Lexus Dugout Club. I was aiming on snagging a commemorative or two and was rewarded with easy access to half a dozen commemoratives (and a dozen total balls). The price was well worth it, mainly because they were heavily discounted.

And now for the run-down of the TWELVE balls…


Ball 1: Unknown Dodger Coach (commemorative)

Ball 2: Unknown Diamondback

Ball 3: Dodgers Grounds Crew

Ball 4: Jarrod Dyson

Ball 5: Tony Perezchica

Ball 6: Mark Reed

Ball 7: Dodgers Bat Boy (commemorative – Rich Hill warm-up just before first pitch)

Ball 8: John Ryan Murphy (commemorative – Rich Hill strikeout to end the 2nd)

Ball 9: Diamondbacks Bat Boy (commemorative)

Ball 10: Dave McKay

Ball 11: Archie Bradley (commemorative)

Ball 12: Chris Guccione (commemorative – umpire ball!)

And that’s that. Game #2 in the books. The best seats I will probably ever have, and the best ballhawking experience that I could ask for (all things considered). I was concerned that this tough park would be low numbers and tough to get a nice commemorative, but it was the highlight of the trip. And I was even more thrilled to see how genuinely excited Jared was to experience the stadium.

Lastly, here is the song that is referenced in the title. Seeing how the name of the city is referenced (loosely) and I posed like Elliott Smith in front of the same wall used in the photo for his “Figure 8” album cover, I *had* to use this song. Right? Also, HUGE shout-out to Jared for taking the pic and editing it with just his phone.

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