I Journey Through The Desert – Balls 900-907 (May 10, 2018)

Washington Nationals 2 – Arizona Diamondbacks 1

Chase Field – Phoenix, AZ

May 10, 2018


Was I more excited to cross off another stadium or finally meet Nick Badders? Both were probably equally as exciting. Add to the mix the fact that there was a commemorative baseball in play and I was eager to enter early through the kindness of Nick’s season ticket holder pass.

But I am getting a bit ahead of myself. The trip out to Phoenix (via automobile) was just as exciting and noteworthy. We had the entire day to make the trek, so a stop in Joshua Tree National Park was more than a great way to fill the time.

Here is that journey in moving pictures, rather than my boring words…

Oh yeah, I also visited the exciting and unique town of West Covina, California. Talk about a weird place! It was totally… just a random, unremarkable, and cookie-cutter suburb. Had it not been for a map and maybe a few noticeable landmarks in the background, you probably wouldn’t have known which state it was in or which city it was near.

After a full night’s sleep, Jared and I woke up refreshed and recharged from the heat. We were ALMOST ready for another day of 105 degree heat. Thank god Chase Field has a roof. We probably would have wilted and not been so happy to see the Dbacks lose.

But again, let’s see some moving pictures instead of these digital words…

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Ball 1: Henry Blanco

Ball 2: Sammy Solis

Ball 3: Diamondbacks Grounds Crew

Ball 4: Ketel Marte

Ball 5: Paul Goldschmidt (commemorative – ball to end the first half inning)

Ball 6: Matt Adams (commemorative – ball to end the 2nd inning)

Ball 7: Mark Ripperger (commemorative – umpire ball!)

Ball 8: Diamondbacks camera man

And that’s that. Game #3 in the books. Nick was the best host I have ever run into on my adventures. I owe all my success to his kindness. I’d urge you to listen to the podcast we did with him, as he gives many tips and tricks for Chase Field. Also, remember the name, since he’ll be working for an MLB team in no time. I can’t wait until I can say, “I know the play-by-play guy for (insert team name here).”

Lastly, here is the song that is referenced in the title. I love the desert and love getting lost in the views (and the music). A perfect soundtrack is some sludge metal or some desert rock like Queens of the Stone Age.

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