Just Get Going ‘Til You Hit The Ocean And You Turn Californian – Balls 908-913 (May 11, 2018)

Minnesota Twins 5 – Los Angeles Angels 4

Angel Stadium – Anaheim, CA

May 11, 2018


The only sunshine this game was Zack’s smile. The expression “It never rains in SoCal” is a load of crap, and we found out the hard way. But Jared and I got to experience stadium number four of this trip and catch back up with Zack and Brandon… and Cora!

I don’t know that I have much nice to say about Angel Stadium, so I’ll kick it over to the vlog from that day. Let’s just say it was the lowest rated park on this trip (though far from the worst I’ve experienced).

It rained. The park isn’t great for ballhawking. And we were kind of running on fumes. What I will say is that the rock area in centerfield was cool, and outside of the stadium looked pretty decent (the big hats, the Big A, and the palm trees). But the lack of a view or lack of vibrant city surrounding it really sucked a bunch of life out of the experience.

The best part? A Twins comeback in the 9th inning. Jared and I have seeing 4 straight Twins road wins when we are in attendance (and I have witnessed 6 straight on my adventures). Maybe they should hire us to be good luck charms on the road?


Ball 1: Unknown Angel

Ball 2: Gregorio Petit

Ball 3: Derek Shelton

Ball 4: Jeff Smith

Ball 5: Eduardo Escobar (the dude is my favorite current Twin, easily)

Ball 6: Lance Lynn (after a diving stop by Joe Mauer to end the fourth inning)

And that’s Angel Stadium crossed off the list (and likely not getting a revisit). Game #4 was still a success, since I was able to not only get on the board, but keep up my average of 6 balls. Not bad for a tough stadium on the road AND it being my first time.

Lastly, here is the song that is referenced in the title. My time in California was up, but I longed to stay longer – even contemplating if I could see myself living there. My favorite band (mainly for sentimental reasons) is Weezer, so I decided to use this Californian band’s song about becoming Californian to reflect my thoughts. Convoluted? Probably. Just give it a listen and know that I daydream about this intriguing state/area.

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