Someone Said He Ended Up In Denver – Balls 914-919 (May 12, 2018)

Milwaukee Brewers 0 – Colorado Rockies 4

Coors Field – Denver, CO

May 12, 2018


Another jet plane and another baseball game. For the fifth time in six days we were in a new stadium. Well, new-ish. I had been to Coors Field once before, five years ago, but this was the first time I could FULLY ballhawk. The reason remained the same as 2013, though: Get a commemorative baseball.

Another early morning and another flight meant very little rest and a flustered frame of mind. But we made it to Coors with time to spare (and a vegan pizza delivered to the hotel before taking off).

Here’s the footage of that story…

As you can tell from the thumbnail alone, I accomplished my goal. The great news about this trip was not only did I get all three commemoratives that I was after, but I got MULTIPLES of them. I’ll spoil the next post a little and tell you that I got a total of 6 Dodgers 60th balls, 3 Diamondbacks 20th balls, and 5 Rockies 25th balls. Plus a couple of Florida Spring Training commemoratives added into the mix (and NO Mothers Day balls used anywhere in the MLB) meant that I got the maximum commemoratives possible.


Ball 1: Taylor WIlliams

Ball 2: Manny Pina

Ball 3: Brewers kid

Ball 4: Noel Cuevas

Ball 5: Stu Cole (commemorative)

Ball 6: Will Little (commemorative – umpire ball!)

It felt nice to give a mild attempt at ballhawking at this stadium and put up something better than my only previous mark (2). I was feeling a bit unsure of a Sunday game and incredibly tired and worn down from the travel – I truly contemplated skipping the next game…. BUT I DIDN’T! Game #5 was a success, and there will be a game #6. Stay tuned for the last post of this West Coast trip.

Lastly, here is the song that is referenced in the title. Not only is a great song about mental health – containing my favorite lyrics describing anxiety and depression – but it also mentions Denver!


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