We Scored Big In Denver And We Thought It Might Be Best To Go Hang Around In The Upper Midwest – Balls 920-924 (May 13, 2018)

Milwaukee Brewers 7 – Colorado Rockies 3

Coors Field – Denver, CO

May 13, 2018


Happy Mothers Day!

The bad news? No Mothers Day commemoratives anymore, and likely none for Fathers Day, Memorial Day, and Fourth of July. I’m thankful I snagged at least one of these in each of their first years in use.

Also, if you are a Major League Baseball team who is looking to add a little bit of luck, may I propose that you hire Jared and I to come to your road games? For the fifth time in six games in this trip, the road team won. Last year the road team won three of four, and our Twins/Braves series in Atlanta was a road sweep (two games). So that means that we are a combined 10-2 (with the Twins being 4-0). You gotta take those odds, folks.

Enough gab, let’s see the video, Tony!

How did you like this series of videos? Anything that you’d like to see specifically? Know that these are selfie style and getting action shots are tough/near impossible. But if you’d like to see stadium specifics or maybe something else completely, let me know.

As for the trip itself? I’m still having flashbacks of the amazing things I was able to see and accomplish. It doesn’t feel real sometimes. But I am also baseballed out for a little while. I can’t pretend that I’m not. Especially being so close to the goal of 1000, I don’t feel like going to a lot of games and putting up crazy numbers and messing that up. I did my crazy year last year and this year and the next combine for my victory lap.


Ball 1: Corey Knebel

Ball 2: Stu Cole (commemorative)

Ball 3: Lorenzo Cain

Ball 4: Ted Barrett (commemorative – umpire ball!)

Ball 5: Brewers Bat Boy (commemorative)

It felt nice to give a mild attempt at ballhawking at this stadium and put up something better than my only previous mark (2). I was feeling a bit unsure of a Sunday game and incredibly tired and worn down from the travel – I truly contemplated skipping the next game…. BUT I DIDN’T! Game #5 was a success, and there will be a game #6. Stay tuned for the last post of this West Coast trip.

Lastly, here is the song that is referenced in the title. The previous post (also set in Denver) was by Craig Finn and this post is from Craig’s band called The Hold Steady. THis particular song comes off of my favorite album by them and again mentions Denver… and scoring big. I feel like 11 balls at this somewhat tricky stadium (especially on the weekend and Sunday) is scoring big – especially when a handful of those were commemorative.



I’m sure everyone who reads this or watches my videos already watches Zack Hample’s videos. But if you don’t because you liv e under a rock, then maybe check out the one I get to appear in…

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