UPDATED: Another Baseball Game, Another Finer Point, Another 6-4 Double Play, My Eyes Are So Tired I Can’t Even Recognize These Teams – Balls 925-930 (June 5, 2018)

Chicago White Sox 2 – Minnesota Twins 4

Chicago White Sox 6 – Minnesota Twins 3

Target Field – Minneapolis, MN

June 5, 2018


Shall we address the weird header above first? Or should we jump into the debate?

Too bad, I’m gonna discuss the header. Notice that there are two scores? Yep, I finally did it!… I WENT TO A DOUBLEHEADER! And not just any doubleheader, but a good old fashioned single-admission doubleheader. Pay for one ticket and get two full games of ball. (Well, 17.5 innings, since the Twins won one game and didn’t have to bat the bottom half of the first game.)

But about that debate…

If you catch baseballs and do not live under a rock, you know Zack Hample. He has pioneered the hobby and whether intentional or not, he’s written the rules that many follow, thanks in part to the ACTUAL books he wrote. Here is one of those rules.

Section 7, Article B, Sub-Clause 2, Bullet-point A:

A doubleheader shall count as only one game ballhawked if that admission is single-admission, as you have not left the ballpark to break up the journey into two distinct games.*

* – This is not an actual rule, as Zack has not written a ballhawk rule-book, though it is a paraphrased rule that he applies to his own hobby standards.

As you may have guessed, I feel somewhat differently. I am still on the fence and get the point that Zack and other like-minded folks make, but to me it is convoluted and somewhat hypocritical. I simplify it to similar standards that the game itself is held to – if it counts as a game to the player, then it counts as a game to me. Two games in one day/admission, means two games for me.

I get that as a fan you only pay for one ticket and aren’t required to go to either, let alone both, and I also get that the division of when one ends and the next begins is tough. I even struggle with that in this game. But the argument that if you never left the park, then why count it as two trips makes little to no sense. You wouldn’t count an exit and re-entry for the same game as two trips, right? So clearly the gate-entry logic cannot be applied. (Yes, there is still re-entry in MLB parks – Coors Field had a re-entry policy.)

And if the idea of “paying for your ticket” or “value of the ticket” matters, then I have two separate questions. First, what if you get a free ticket for a game, does that not count as a game against your “stats”? I know that a single-admission ticket is essentially a free game, but that idea of free should preclude it from being counted. Likewise, I’d argue that the ticket is really just a 50% value ticket for both games (meaning half of the price goes to each game). And if the value of the game determines the game count, then does a premium game count as more than 1 game (like 1.1 games) and a value game count as less than a game (like .8 games)?

Rant over. Tell me which side you agree with and what your reasoning is. I’d like to hear what each person does for their stats and the logic behind it.

As for the game, errr, GAMES… it was a mixed bag. Both teams got a participation ribbon (a win) and the night moved at a decent pace. The second game was a little slower than the first, but the transition between games was much quicker than I had anticipated.

I tried my best to catch a home run at the flag court, but nothing went out there. I truly felt like I was going to get lucky, but Eddie Rosario cooled off and Eduardo Escobar didn’t hook me up with a gamer in epic fashion (just the normal toss-up).

But overall I am super stoked to cross off this experience from my list. Seeing how I am reaching the end, I’m glad I can still be experiencing firsts and making sure I leave no business unfinished.


Ball 1: Taylor Rogers

Ball 2: Eduardo Escobar

Ball 3: Bat Boy

Ball 4: Miguel Sano (that’s “Sano”… spelled with a single “a”)

Transition from Game 1 to Game 2…

Ball 5: Dugout Cleaning Crew

Ball 6: Bat Boy

Ball 7: Bat Boy

As you can tell by the crossed out ball, something happened. For the first time ever, Evelyn had her way with a ball. Most of the ball exists, but the cover is currently being digested. And as I am firm on my numbering system and what counts, I must strike it from the record. For the first time ever, maybe in all of ballhawking history, a ball that had evidence of existing has been erased from history.

The revised total from my first doubleheader? SIX BALLS.

Here’s the new proof:


I guess I owed her one, though. She got to play with her ball that she caught back in April, but only briefly. Let’s just hope this isn’t a “thing” going forward. Now to update the spreadsheet, mygameballs, and the numbering on the blog posts…

MASSIVE THANKS TO TARGET FIELD’S NICEST BALLHAWK – THE TRUE FATHER OF ALL MN HAWKS – DAVID FORSTAD! He gave me a baseball card that is near and dear to me. I didn’t even know it existed, but now that I do and now that I have it, I am forever grateful.

Lastly, here is the song that is referenced in the title. I guess Craig Finn (and his bands) just make great songs that reference baseball (at least things I can relate to baseball/my journeys).

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