St. Peter Had Me On The Queue, The St. Paul Saints They Waved Me Through – MiLB Experience (June 12, 2018)

Fargo Moorhead RedHawks 5 – St. Paul Saints 6

CHS Field – St. Paul, MN

June 12, 2018

It’s not everyday that I go to a Minor League Baseball game, but like the old saying goes… “When in St. Paul…”

The game was a great one (Saints winning in late inning heroics) but the stereotypical fun Minor League experience was what made the night. It was Charles Schulz/Peanuts night at the park (free t-shirt), Disney Princess night, and we got to do the 7th inning eyeball race!

I could say more, but why not watch the experience for yourself?

It was a very good night.

Huge thanks to Mark for getting the tickets and to the Saints for letting us be weirdos on the field. We’re available anytime!

And if you couldn’t get enough, maybe try listening to our weird ramblings in podcast form! We discuss which Disney Princesses and Peanuts characters we’d be.

If you are in the Twin Cities area, visiting or residing, check out the new field and the top-notch on-field product. You will not be disappointed. Dare I say it’s better than a Twins game (on a pound for pound/dollar to dollar comparison)?

Lastly, of course Craig Finn of The Hold Steady has some lyrics about the St. Paul Saints. Maybe I should have just used only Craig Finn lyrics for this year’s titles…

(Buy this album. It is quite possibly the best album ever made by a Minnesotan. The story-telling is amazing and the rock tunes are catchy.)

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