We’re Still The Kids We Used To Be – Balls 947-952 (July 20, 2018)

Minnesota Twins 5 Kansas City Royals 6

Kauffman Stadium – Kansas City, MO

July 20, 2018

As much as I still don’t want to accept it, I had a feeling that this was going to be the last time I got to see Eduardo Escobar in a Twins uniform. Eduardo is now contending for a playoff spot with the Arizona Diamondbacks, but will always be a personal favorite of mine. While he wasn’t quite Trevor Plouffe level, Eduardo’s playful nature and yearly improvement made him incredibly likable. I just hope, like all my favorites, that he will one day be a Twin again.

But enough of the sadness, let’s talk about a very happy place called Kauffman Stadium! Not only do I love this ballpark, but this year the Royals are using commemorative baseballs. I made it my goal to get one on this trip and (SPOILERS!) I was successful. What made this whole experience even cooler was that there were about a half a dozen of us regular Target Field crazies that got to hang out at the gates.

Great segue, Tony.

There. That should suffice as the pre-game experience.

Now on to the game and other details…

I did what I’ve done every other time I’ve gone to Kauffman, and did the early bird “tour”. This year the experience is much different – they no longer make you take the Hall of Fame tour and the area where you can roam is MUCH larger (no longer have to pick a dugout). I would recommend this, especially since…

Upon entering the stadium I saw Rosell Herrera. He was kind of warming up in centerfield and eventually I got his attention. I asked for the ball he was using, but he pointed to his arm and made a circular motion as if to say, “My arm is hurt, I can’t.” This went back and forth a couple times, but since I couldn’t move closer, he finally tossed it towards me, but well short. The stadium worker by me was very nice and got the ball and tossed it to me…

A 50th Anniversary commemorative!

Just like that I was happy. The only goal I really had this trip (other than just getting one more in Texas) was crossed off the list. I knew I was lucky since the Royals don’t use commemoratives in BP – this likely came from the bullpen.

I got a few more in BP (nothing noteworthy) before making a friend in the Bats Club. There was a police officer who was very friendly and talkative. We discussed baseball and touched on his other work, life as a homicide officer. I mentioned that I was after a 50th ball (since I always would prefer a gamer) and he mentioned that he would hook me up.

In the 5th inning he delivered. I am forever grateful.

Here is the moving picture experience from this game/first part of the road trip.


Ball 1: Rosell Herrera

Ball 2: Paolo Orlando

Ball 3: Royals Grounds Crew

Ball 4: Ehire Adrianza

Ball 5: Eduardo Escobar (my last from him as a Twin?)

Ball 6: Police Officer

And here is the song that is referenced in the title. Kanye West, ever heard of him? Problematic? Yes. Sometimes a musical genius? Definitely.

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