Running Out Of Places That We’ve Come To – Balls 958-963 (August 23, 2018)

Oakland A’s 4 – Minnesota Twins 6

Target Field – Minneapolis, MN

August 23, 2018


Very average game. I’d only bore you with the details of how I exactly got the balls, so I’ll give the rather condensed highlight:

Within about 1 minute of waiting by the overhang in RF, I had a ball hit towards me that I short-armed (as I was worried it was going to die before the wall. I picked it out of the flower bed only to look up and catch the next one hit directly at me. back to back pitches and 2 balls in my possession. Then another Twins bomb was hit that bounced off of the top of the Great Clips canopy and caromed into the corner. I fell as I chased it down (skinning up my palm and knee), but the worker who just barely beat me to it was kind and gave it to me. stupid poles holding the line ropes. I biffed it when I steppe don that and my shoe slipped.

The cool part was showing my partner how I can actually catch a baseball. YAY! The last game I took her to was Pride Night and she got TWO balls. This night she got another, while I ended at 6. The highlight was just spending some time together and still being able to do the thing that makes me happy. I’m lucky.

Addendum: I almost forgot. The A’s have commemorative baseballs this year. They brought MANY with them. This made me happy, as I ended up with 2 this game (and one had the most perfect logo). Thanks, Mark!

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Ball 1: Unknown Twin (Kent Hrbek?)

Ball 2: Unknown Twin (Justin Morneau?)

Ball 3: Unknown Twin (Jim Thome?)

Ball 4: Unknown Athletic (Luis Polonia?)

Ball 5: Mark Canha

Ball 6: Bat Boy

And here is the song that is referenced in the title. I love this song, though do not condone the eating of any grandmothers, human or otherwise.

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