SO MANY FRIENDS! – Balls 964-970 (August 25, 2018) *BALLHAWK FEST 2018*

Oakland Athletics 6 – Minnesota Twins 2

Target Field – Minneapolis, MN

August 25, 2018

Ballhawk Fest.

That’s right, Minneapolis’ first ever BALLHAWK FEST came to town. The celebration of this silly hobby (ballhawking) had, up until now, only been on the East Coast. I think some of those folks were salty, too, because no one from either coast showed up. But that’s OK. We have the best crew in the MLB. The Target Field family is a tight one.

Alex and I were the first to arrive to the SOFTBALL field around 11:30 am (I brought Chelsea with for her 2nd game in 3 days). Our group multiplied to include TK, Nate, Dave, Mateo, Jimbo/James, and Cayden.

Our softball game was nixed for a home run derby – with slight rule changes. This part is covered in the video, but let me recap it here:

  • 3 points for the offense for a home run (lands beyond the fence/imaginary line)
  • 1 point for the defense for robbing a home run and NONE for the offense (you can catch the ball anywhere in home run territory)
  • 1 point for the offense for any ball that lands out of the infield, but before the home run area and isn’t caught
  • 0 points for any swing and miss, foul ball, or ball that fails to go beyond the infield in the air
  • Each player gets 10 swings.

Sound easy enough, right? Cool.

As for the game? It was great hanging with my partner again, as well as with so many of my friends. I cannot believe the group of people I have met because of this hobby. I said it in the last post, but I’ll say it again… I’m extremely lucky!

Now watch the video for the real good stuff.

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Ball 1: Robbie Grossman

Ball 2: Matt Williams

Ball 3: Matt Chapman

Ball 4: Bat Boy

Ball 5: Derek Shelton

Ball 6: Joe Mauer

Ball 7: Bat Boy

And here is the song that is referenced in the title. If you don’t like this song, then I think we might have a problem.

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