I Threw Darts At A Spinning Globe, Swapping Out Passport Photos – Balls 975-979 (September 4, 2018)

Tampa Bay Rays 6 – Toronto Blue Jays 2

Rogers Centre – Toronto, ON, Canada

September 4, 2018

Je suis allé à un match de baseball à Toronto.

I am sorry, I cannot keep up the ruse. I cannot speak (or understand) French. I know a handful of words, at best. But it was still awesome and exciting to see the French language featured so heavily once I crossed into Canada.

I had a little more time in Toronto, and since I had never been there, I decided to make the most of it. But I do not feel like giving a written breakdown of what happened, so how about another video, eh?

So the normal record store, vegan food, and baseball staples were served up absolutely perfectly by our neighbors to the north. So much so that I want to go back again. SOON.

Before I get into the brief rundown, I have to shout-out two locals, who call Rogers Centre their home field. First off, Justin Swartz. Unfortunately we couldn’t run into each other this trip, but he helped me with Rogers Centre questions and gave many tips for what to see during my Toronto stay. And lastly, but not “leastly”, Ali! I got to meet Ali at the game and he was full of knowledge, fun, and made sure I enjoyed Rogers Centre. Heck, we even spent some time AFTER the game and wandered up to city hall and back down at an A&W downtown before finally parting ways (only temporarily, I promise, Ali).

So the baseball adventure starts in my hotel room, ONE THAT OVERLOOKED THE FIELD! Yep, I went big and got a room that had a window looking over centerfield. I was hoping for a toss-up, but no such luck. I caught a few eyes, but none daring enough to make the throw. Oh well, I guess that means I have to try again sometime. DANG! (insert winy face here)

Then I went down to gate 5/6 and met up with Ali. He was my own personal tour guide. The man knew his stuff and made sure that a newbie like me had a good time (and got on the board). Once we got in, the scene had changed a lot from when I was in my hotel room. Batting practice was no longer being taken and the Rays were only doing fielding drills with a couple players as a few pitchers tossed around. DAMN! Second day in a row with no BP. Not a good road trip for high baseball totals.

The highlight came during the game, though. No more than a couple minutes after first pitch, I was in possession of the first ball used in that game! A weird play that resulted in the pitcher fielding a slow chopper and tossing to first, only to have it hit the runner’s cleat and finally be picked up by Justin Smoak meant that the ball NEEDED to be tossed out of play. And who was the only one getting Justin’s attention? Who was the guy sitting 2 rows from the field, right behind Justin?



Ball 1: Unknown Ray (Johnny Ray? Who wants to know?)

Ball 2: Bullpen Security

Ball 3: Jesus Sucre

Ball 4: Justin Smoak

Ball 5: Quinn Wolcott

And here is the song that is referenced in the title. This band is Canadian and I have liked them for quite some time. A song with some lyrics about travel seemed appropriate.

Bonus song! I would be lying if I wasn’t calling myself International Tony and singing this song with slightly edited lyrics.

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