Stop Crying to the Ocean/Stop Worring Over Nothing – Balls 983-987 (September 8, 2018)

San Francisco Giants 3 – Milwaukee Brewers 4

Miller Park – Milwaukee, WI

September 8, 2018

The journey was rough, but the destination was a decent reward.

My final stop of the tour – which took me from Minnesota to Cleveland to Toronto to Detroit to Milwaukee and back home to Minnesota – was Miller Park for one reason and one reason only… A 60th Anniversary Giants ball.

I don’t dislike Miller Park, but as I near closer to my goal of 1000 balls, and with many miles of road behind me, I get tired. I longed to see my pup (Evelyn, who is a much better ballhawk than I’ll ever be) and wanted nothing more than to sleep in a non-hotel bed.

Throughout my adventures, I have tried to do things that were off the beaten path and see places that would otherwise go unnoticed. I’ve seen parts of the country that most wouldn’t see because they take airplanes, and this time I would give up my land adventure and take by sea! Well, more like BIG GREAT LAKE!

I had never traveled by boat for baseball, so why not include that in this adventure? The Lake Express from Muskegon, MIchigan to Milwaukee, Wisconsin seemed like a good choice (in theory). However, even great lakes can prove to be too much for novices riding on big boats. Without going into much detail, I got sick… nearly the entire time!

So maybe that was also playing into my “I just want to get home” attitude. But with one final game and goal ahead of me, I made the best of it. And I’m glad I did because the game was great, I got the commemorative I was chasing, and I got to see a dominant Brewers team who are still playing baseball as I type this. Postseason ball is still an adventure I look forward to at Target Field. I’ve seen it a couple times back in 2010, but I want to score a postseason commemorative at my home field sooner rather than later.


Ball 1: Dereck Rodriguez

Ball 2: Brewers Grounds Crew

Ball 3: Eli Whiteside

Ball 4: Take Your Base Matt Herges (COMMEMORATIVE!)

Ball 5: Hernan Perez

And here is the song that is referenced in the title. While it wasn’t an ocean I traveled, I still did my share of sobbing and worrying. Two hours of dry-heaving is not exactly the “peaceful cruise” I had in mind.

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