You Gotta Tell Me When It’s Over – Balls 992-996 (September 30, 2018)

Chicago White Sox 4 – Minnesota Twins 5

Target Field – Minneapolis, MN

September 30, 2018


Do you want to see a little bit of Behind The Scenes access of Target Field? Of course you do. Watch the video below to see the scoreboard operation and in-game PA announcer work their magic. This is it for 2018 baseball. The next time I do a game write-up will be for Opening Day AND MY BIRTHDAY! Thanks, MLB! Best birthday gift ever!

See you all on March 28th! You are invited to my birthday party at Target Field. I may even be celebrating ball #1000!


Ball 1: Ben Richardson

Ball 2: Unknown White Sox player (probably a time-traveling Ron Karkovice)

Ball 3: Bat Boy

Ball 4: Bat Boy

Ball 5: Bat Boy

And here is the song that is referenced in the title. Low is a band from my home state of Minnesota (Duluth to be exact). Their newest LP is amazing, as is their previous (“Ones and Sixes”).


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