Dreaming of Miami

With the temperature currently reading -19 F, I am doing my best to remind myself that in 3 months I will be exploring the Greater Miami/Southern Florida area. My trek will encompass many things, the major focus being able to cross Marlins Park off of my list – and officially being able to say I have attended a game at all 30 currently MLB stadiums. But beyond the normal baseball and even vegan restaurants & record stores that my trips normally focus on, I will be adding some additional fun/exploration into the mix.

April 26:

Fly from MSP to MIA, then drive from Miami to Key West. No plans other than beach, beach, and more beach.

Luxury hotel arrangements: Campground, tent/car sleeping.

April 27:

Take a boat from Key West to Dry Tortugas National Park. This 70 mile boat ride will be on a ship similar to the one I took across Lake Michigan, but hopefully with better results (no spew). I will be snorkeling, exploring, and taking in more natural beauty from the beach. I will return to Key West in the afternoon and hopefully be awake enough to watch the sunset.

Dry Tortugas will be my 6th official National Park visited. (I think I’ve been to two others, but I don’t know, as I was much younger.)

Luxury hotel arrangements: Campground, tent/car sleeping.

April 28:

Drive from Key West up to Everglades National Park, hitting a few fruit vendors along the way (mainly in Homestead, FL). I love weird and new-to-me fruits, so Southern Florida is about the best place to get rare, fresh fruit in the US. Maybe I’ll see an alligator, maybe I’ll stumble across one of Dexter’s victims, who knows?!

The Everglades will be my 7th official National Park visited.

Luxury hotel arrangements: Hotel room, Days Inn, Florida City.

April 29th:

Drive from Florida City/Homestead over to Biscayne National Park. Are you seeing a trend here? Floridians are spoiled, having 3 National Parks well within driving distance of each other. After seeing the sights of this area famous for coral and sea-life, I will head into Miami proper. I’ll finally be hitting my first record store in the evening and likely my 4th and 5th vegan restaurants.

This evening will be spent watching the Atlantic Ocean as the sun sets behind me.

Biscayne will be my 8th official National Park visited. Only 52 more until I can say I’ve hit them all!

Luxury hotel arrangements: Hotel room, Penguin Hotel, Miami Beach.

(Actual luxury, since hotel prices are cheap for this time period – as it is a Monday, no longer Spring Break, and not a holiday.)

April 30th:

The main event. MIAMI MARLINS BASEBALL! The home of the Clevelander will host the Cleveland Major League Baseball squad. I get to see the new threads in person and hopefully snag another baseball for my collection. If I can manage one in Little Havana, that will make it my 27th franchise I’ve snagged a ball at (29th stadium, since I’ve been to two defunct venues). Wish me luck. As it is a Tuesday night, I’m guessing the crowds will be sparse.

When you gotta leave at 5-something in the morning the next day, you try to stay close to the airport. Luckily, I don’t think I could ask for a closer location.

Luxury hotel arrangements: Hotel room, Miami International Airport Hotel, Miami.

If you are still curious what my 2019 plans are, maybe give this video a look.

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