The Beginning of the End

Well, it’s here! The 2019 MLB season officially started over in Japan a few days ago and in just about 48 hours I will be waiting outside of the gates of Target Field for the TENTH home opener in a row. This year looks to be something special, and it starts off almost *too perfect* – on my 35th birthday.

I am 4 balls from 1000, and have a chance of reaching that milestone on my birthday. I have 4 stadiums to catch a ball in until I have caught one at all 30 current MLB stadiums. All of the goals and dreams I had long dreamed about are close to coming true… all within about 10 years of catching my first ball (back on 4/15/2009). This year is a bit of victory lap for me and one where I will be doing my best to take it all in. I don’t have much left in terms of goals, so before I take a step back in this hobby, I plan on adding as many exclamation marks as possible.

Let’s make 2019 an incredible year!

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