A New York Nine’s An Everywhere Else Six… Timewise, The Opposite Goes For [Stadiums] – Balls 1008 – 1011 (May 25, 2019)

Detroit Tigers 4 – New York Mets 5

Citi Field – New York City, NY

May 25, 2019


What can I say? This trip started with the rather unimpressive New York stadiums and ended with the historic (and near-perfect) Fenway Park. More on that will come in the next two posts. For now, we focus on New York’s National League franchise, the dysfunctional Metropolitan Baseball Club.

I woke up slightly before 4 am in Minnesota and was standing outside of Citi Field before noon. The miracle of flight, and the even larger miracle of overcoming my anxiety of flying, made this trip possible. And if I am being honest, my anxiety of preserving not only my streak, but being successful as Citi Field was probably greater than flying. That’s good news, since it means my aversion towards flight is improving drastically, but it also proved that my decision to step away from full-time ballhawking is the right one. Anxiety over catching baseballs is foolish. Though the pressure of fulfilling my goal (catching a ball at every current MLB stadium) was the driving force behind my brain being stupid.

We ended up getting in early – since my ticket had a “Full/40 Game Ticket Holder” marking on it – and this proved to be semi-beneficial. Right off the bat I ran down to the third base side and yelled out to Adeiny Hechavarria. Bam! First ball of the trip and 28th of the 30 stadiums I can cross off the list.

After that I tried my luck in LF and then moved over to RF. The Mets were not very powerful and weren’t doing much with the ball. I tried getting one from a player in RF, but he airmailed it way over my head. I asked for him to try again and that’s how my 1009th ball came to be.

Then came a dry spell. The outfield got crowded and the Tigers were atrocious. I managed to get another toss-up from former Twins coach, Joe Vavra. After that I had to wait until the game to start in order to get my final (fourth) ball. Dawel Lugo tossed my a third out gamer and I was happy.

The game itself was a boring affair between two very lackluster teams. We even got some free baseball out of the deal, but had to leave in the 12th inning to avoid the busy subway and get some decent NYC pizza.

Check out the video. And please, maybe throw me a subscription? This is the first of SIX baseball videos that will be released back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back (every Monday, though July 8th).

Citi Field has it’s cool little quirk, but ultimately it is not top-tier, but my “definitive list of MLB stadium rankings” will come in a later post.


Spoilers: We also hung out at some guy named Zack’s place. The view was pretty alright.

Ball 1: Adeiny Hechevarria

Ball 2: Unknown Met (probably the physical embodiment of Bobby Bonilla’s contract)

Ball 3: Joe Vavra

Ball 4: Dawel Lugo

And here is the song that is referenced in the title. I’m still waiting on that “final” Childish Gambino album.

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