New York, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down – Balls 1012 – 1019 (May 28, 2019)

San Diego Padres 5 – New York Yankees 4

Yankee Stadium – New York City, NY

May 28, 2019


Love may be a stretch, but the sentiment remains; I am appreciative of the experiences I’ve had in this town, but the ball parks are a let down. The cavernous and impressive-on-paper Yankee Stadium just feels lifeless. The first impression of walking through the initial gate and into the massive concrete hall just makes everything feel devoid of life. Add some marble floors to mimic the old train stations and you might solve a large part of that problem. However, the overall approach of making it 60% bigger (we were given the figure by someone) does not mean it is 60% better. Old Yankee Stadium may have been falling apart, but if funds were seemingly endless, then maybe focus on a beautiful, intimate experience, than a large, emotionless one. Who designed this place, that man they call the “president”?!

OK, now that the rant is over – I thought about the next post, views of Fenway – and it is time to watch what happened.


Ball 1: Tour guide

Ball 2: Unknown Padres Coach

Ball 3: Matt Strahm

Ball 4: Manuel Margot

Ball 5: Greg Garcia

Ball 6: Unknown Padres Coach

Ball 7: Luke Voit – GAMER!

Ball 8: Eric Cooper (Umpire)

And here is the song that is referenced in the title. I like them and so should you.

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