Venusian Mal-de-Mer – Balls 1049-1052 (September 6, 2019)

Cleveland Clevelanders 6 – Minnesota Twins 2

Target Field – Minneapolis, MN

September 6, 2019


For being a divisional match-up of the top two teams, this sure lacked the playoff atmosphere I had anticipated. Sure, the fans showed up (35,000+), but their energy and enthusiasm must need to be saved up for the actual playoffs? The Twins came in with a commanding lead – 6.5 games – but with over 20 games left to play, and 6 of those being against Cleveland, this is far from wrapped up. Twins fans, WHERE ARE YOU?

Now I could go into some people’s views on the ownership and the typical Minnesota negativity (“bad things always happen to us”) mentality, but I won’t do that. We are fans, we cannot change the roster or control the outcome of any game, so let’s sit back, cheer, and watch this glorious Thunderstorm of Homers.

Speaking of Thunderstorm of Homers, I want one of those to land in my glove. For a record setting team who plays in my backyard, and for me to not have caught one… that feels like a sin. Granted, I haven’t gone to many games at Target Field, but still, I expect more out of myself. That was the goal of this game, have a Twins’ dong slap my leather.

Spoilers: It didn’t.

I came close-ish to a Francisco Lindor bomb (estimated to be 433 feet!), but as there was a “Yard Sale” going on at the plaza, it made the chase nearly impossible from my angle. Plus, it landed right at some dude’s feet who was shopping at the Yard Sale, not even paying attention to the game.

As for the rest? I got 4 baseballs. My Target Field average is incredibly low this year. It’s a combination of not trying very hard and it feeling a bit harder to stack up a decent total (less BP, less toss-ups from players, and less post-game balls). It’s not exactly a bad thing, though, since I have no real number-based goals anymore. Catch game homers, get commemoratives, and have a good time. That’s it.


Ball 1: Tony Diaz

Ball 2: Brad Mills

Ball 3: Carlos Santana

Ball 4: Bat Boy – with remnants of an MLB authentication sticker still on it. (WHAT?!)

And here is the song that is referenced in the title. Again, raise up them devil horns, rock out, and then go out and save the planet. This album rocks!… HARD!

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