Here I Was Thinking I’d Die … The Door to Hell is [Pinstripes] – Balls 1063-1066 (October 7, 2019)

New York Yankees 5 – Minnesota Twins 1

Target Field – Minneapolis, MN

October 7, 2019


Exactly 9 years. That’s how long it had been since I last saw a postseason game at Target Field BECAUSE THEY HAVEN’T HOSTED ONE SINCE THEN!

In that span they have also failed to win a playoff game, but that streak dates back to 2004. And the last time they won one at home was back in 2002. Our futility against the Yankees is almost soley to blame during that stretch (only a sweep at the hands of the Yankees breaks up the other 6 series sweeps the Yankees have against us). So surely things *had* to change, right?

Spoilers: No.

If you have been hiding in a cave and failed to hear about the Twins getting swept after winning 101 games this year, I apologize. That also means you do not read my game recap up above.

While I’d love to keep attending baseball games in 2019, I was pretty resigned to the Twins’ all-but-certain fate. The only thing I wanted out of this was a postseason commemorative baseball. This was my “participation trophy” and one that no one could take away from me. The only postseason commemorative I had in my collection was one from the Royals from 2015 and I got that in Arizona in 2016 (during spring training). So I’ve been waiting for this special ball for quite some time – and I’ve been saving this moment for Target Field.

Spoilers: I got it.

My bad. That one is on me. The only way you would have known I got that was one of three ways:

  1. You were at the game with me and I showed you/you saw it happen.
  2. You saw the post on the “Baseball Road Tripper” instagram.
  3. You saw my tweet(s) about it.

But most of you already watch my videos, and I find that to be the truest form of documenting these games, so only the very few and blog-dedicated amongst you would have been spoiled by blog text.

So with a Twins loss came a crashing halt to my 2019 season. The silver lining was that I got my money back for the Game 4 that never happened and Miguel Sano didn’t want his used batting gloves for the offseason. So I effectively got paid to take his equipment. I’m fine with that.


Ball 1: Easter Bunny – probably Kent Hrbek in a halloween costume taking BP the day before

Ball 2: Randy Dobnak


Ball 4: Bat Boy – warm-up pitch by Luis Severino in the middle of the 1st – 2019 POSTSEASON COMMEMORATIVE

And here is the song that is referenced in the title. Again, for the FIFTH time, raise up them devil horns, rock out, and then go out and save the planet. This album rocks!… HARD!

As the Twins we swept, I had to pay up on my wager with Ian (you know, the videographer extraordinaire for Zack in 2019). I threw out the idea, knowing that I was likely to lose, but in doing so, I got to share some local music with my new NYC friend. I included Shredders’ new LP (shown above) and Justin Courtney Pierre’s solo LP (frontman for Motion City Soundtrack). He then sent me to his roommate’s band’s show at the 7th Street Entry (in Minneapolis). Who knew that baseball trips would produce such a cool web of friendships and sharing. Thanks, Ian, for the awesome show. I urge you all to check out City of the Sun.

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