I Stand Tonight ‘neath the Lights of the Fenway – Balls 1020 – 1023 (May 29, 2019)

Cleveland Clevelanders 14 – Boston Red Sox 9

Fenway Park – Boston, MA

May 29, 2019


It is without shame and without bias that I utter this sentence:

Fenway Park is the best baseball venue in the known universe.

The only caveat? That it is the best current ball park – meaning it excludes past and future parks. I was not able to take in many stadiums that were built and demolished before I was born, nor do I know the history of baseball to come. But as of May 29, 2019, it took home that award.

The closest competition? AT&T Park. Sorry, it isn’t Oracle Park to me yet, since I only ever visited it once and it was named AT&T Park. Quirkiness crossed with history gives Fenway the edge, and it is the one place I hope remains a constant. To be able to visit this park another 50 years in the future, see the slight enhancements, but still have the connection to names from Babe Ruth to Mike Trout would be the most PERFECT UNION of baseball past and present (and future).

Below is the video from this game. Admittedly, some videos are just so-so (I’m still finding my way), but this one feels different. I am proud of how it came together and it feels like I’m finding my way of telling a story.


Ball 1: Armando Camacaro

Ball 2: Dan Otero

Ball 3: Francisco Lindor

Ball 4: Security guard (post-game)

And here is the song that is referenced in the title. Coincidentally, Titus Andronicus have a new album out, called An Obelisk. Will it make my Top Ten of ’19? Who knows…

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