We Didn’t Go To Dallas ‘Cause Jackie Onassis Said That It Ain’t Safe For Catholics Yet – Balls 1043-1048 (August 17, 2019)

Minnesota Twins 12 – Texas Rangers 7

Globe Life Park – Arlington, TX

August 17, 2019


The only remaining “achievement” on my ballhawking list? Getting a game ball from every current MLB stadium. The last remaining stadium/franchise was Globe Life Park/Texas Rangers. I was 29/30 and came painfully close last year. This year, in their final season at Globe Life PARK, they are using commemorative baseballs, so I have even more incentive to get a gamer.

I won’t repeat the broken record too much, but I ended up flying to Dallas-Fort Worth since it was cheaper and required less time. My fear of flying is well-documented, but this was the second solo adventure I’ve taken this year and third trip in the sky to see baseball games in 2019. I gotta admit, I’m getting pretty good at it. The scheduled departure time from Minneapolis was around 9:30 am on Saturday and I was supposed to return by 9 am on Sunday. All this travel for less than 24 hours in order to try to get a “special baseball”. My hobby is weird, but I love it.

The first bit of good news? The one and only BENNY BANG BANG was also attending this game. He was traveling from NYC to also get a commemorative baseball (which he acquired the night before). This was the FOURTH game that we attended together this year (Citi Field, Omaha, Great American Ball Park, and Globe Life Park). Even though I finally met him in 2019, he is a magnetic personality that I am able to call a friend. As for Greg… Thanks for joining us. (Sarcasm… used to cover the sadness.)

The second bit of good news? There was much more action this year compared to last. It was about 10 degrees cooler at game time (97 compared to 107), which allowed there to be a little bit of BP. It also helped that the visiting team was my Minnesota Twins. We’ll skip the teasing and just say now that I got a gamer from Miguel Sano and it was a PERFECT commemorative logo.

How about you take a look for yourself?


What a wild adventure. I got to stay with Benny (thanks, buddy!) and we hit the 7-Eleven and Sonic HARD after the game. When you sweat that much you gotta re-hydrate. It was past 2 am before I fell asleep and the alarm at 4:15 am was brutal, but I wouldn’t change a moment… minus the turbulence on the way back.

Ball 1: Taylor Rogers

Ball 2: Zack Littell

Ball 3: Unknown Twin

Ball 4: Nelson Cruz

Ball 5: Miguel Sano

Ball 6: Tony Beasley

And here is the song that is referenced in the title. It felt appropriate since I technically avoided Dallas, proper. I really only stayed in Arlington and wherever the DFW Airport is located.

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